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Naval technologies
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The Project

Find your partner / Piemonte Naval Technology

We offer international players a preferential channel to meet and develop business with a selection of top class enterprises of the naval sector based in Piemonte, Italy.

All selected companies respond to strict parameters of evaluation: technical know-how, innovative products and processes, quality, global coverage, human   resources potential and team work ability. Member companies are capable of meeting the demands of buyers and respond to all standards imposed by product, process certification or by quality standards. Most companies carry out internal research and cooperate with international research centers: the result is the development of innovative know-how in the nautical and naval sectors.

The resulting group represents all fields of production:

  •    Boat design & manufacturing
  •    Simulation technologies & process engineering
  •    Navigation & control systems
  •    Hulls, boat structures & desks
  •    Power systems & propulsion
  •    Out-board & in-board electronics
  •    Naval & marine hardware
  •    Mechanical & hydraulic systems
  •    Furnishings, fittings, accessories, textiles & upholstery
  •    Maintenance interventions (carpentry, woodworking, refitting & varnishing)

In addition, we put together the regional big players and SMEs: this aggregation guarantees to better respond to the needs of the international companies with unique top class technical and innovative solutions.

Our Team’s assistance is completely free of charge. In all matchmaking activities the Team ascertains international players’ needs and upon request suggests potential suppliers and arranges one-to-one meetings either in Piemonte or on their premises.

find the right partner for your business

All activities are run by Piemonte Agency, promoted by Regione Piemonte and co-financed by the Development and Cohesion Fund.